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The Quad City Strikers were founded in 1990 as a nonprofit club for the promotion of youth soccer. In their first season the Strikers fielded 5 teams and since then they have grown to over 15 teams. The Strikers are an affiliated club of the Iowa State Youth Soccer Association(ISYSA) and the United States Youth Soccer Association(USYSA).

The Strikers have achieved unprecedented success in their short history with numerous league and tournament championships and more Iowa State Cup championships than any other club in Eastern Iowa. The Strikers are the only club in Iowa history to send a girls team to the Regional Cup finals.

Individual Striker players have also achieved great success. The Strikers have placed many players on state and regional Olympic Development Teams and two Striker players have represented the United States on the National Olympic Development Team, a first for Iowa soccer. Many Striker players have played for local high school teams and the Strikers are represented on college rosters.

The Strikers' success has been achieved with a simple philosophy that normal kids can be nutured through positive fellowships, coaching, and competitions to become outstanding well rounded soccer playes. This philosophy has and we believe will continue to attract and develop the best youth soccer players in the area.


There are over 230 hundred boys and girls playing Striker soccer with 8 boys and 7 girls teams ranging in age from U-9 to U-18. Plus more boys and girls in the Lil Striker program for 7-9 year olds.


The club is managed by a volunteer president and board of directors.


The Quad City Strikers seek to create an atmosphere that allows all teams to grow and develop. Our volunteer staff provides this atmosphere through leadership, experience, guidance, and direction. The Club's volunteer administrative staff handles all tasks including fees, insurance, tournament and league entries, player registration, and travel papers along with providing a newsletter, website, and telephone messaging service. The Strikers also offer one of the premier practice facilities in the Quad Cities with top quality grass fields available to our teams.


Striker teams are coached by trained volunteers or professional coaches. The U-9 through U-14 age group teams are coached by parent volunteers, who generally have studied and obtained a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) coaching license. In addition to the parent coach each team employs a trainer with a playing background to demostrate and develop player skills. The U-15 through U-18 age group teams are coached by profession coaches or parent coaches with USSF national coaching licenses. These coaches along with trainers from the college level develop Striker players to their fullest potential.

The Strikers also provide a year round series of clinics. Professional coaches hold clinics for Striker players. These clinics are used to supplement the team coaching. In addition, Striker coaches recieve instructions as part of these clinics to continue their development.

Through the Stikers advanced players are also offered the opportunity to train with and attend tryouts for the Olympic Development Program (ODP). The ODP offers advanced training and competitions that extend all the way from a state ODP team to the national ODP team.

The Stikers also offer The LIL STRIKERS for boys and girls 7-9 years old. This program is structured toward learning soccer and soccer skills in a fun environment outside of a competitive league.


The soccer year runs from August 1st to August 1st. There are two outdoor seasons for club soccer; Fall and Spring. The Fall season runs from August through mid October and includes the Illowa outdoor league plus 2 to 4 tournaments. The Spring season runs from April to July and includes the Illowa outdoor league plus 2 to 4 tournaments.


In order to play against top competition the Strikers recommend that teams play in high level tournaments. The U-9 through U-11 teams normally travel once in the spring and fall and generally no further than one or two hours by car from the Quad Cities. Travel normally increases for the U-12 through U-14 teams to twice in the spring and fall and may include a regional competition as far away as 6 hours by car. As teams reach the high school ages, U-15 through U-18, travel may remain the same or decrease depending on the players' high school activities/sports. Travel accomodations and transportation for the players and/or families is paid by the family. However, most Striker teams share accomodations and/or transportation as the middle school and high school players begin traveling without their families.


Club fees are $75.00 for the fall and $75 for the spring season. The fee covers the league dues and coaching clinics along with all administrative costs including practice facilities, coaching licenses, state association dues, insurance, player registrations, travel papers, newsletters, website, and telephone messaging service. The cost of tournaments and uniforms is additional and set by each individual team. Generally, each tournament will cost $25.00 per player and a uniform normally worn for several seasons will cost about $40.00 per player.


Potential players/parents interested in joining the Strikers should contact their age group coach or any board member to obtain a tryout. All players are evaluated by the team's coach on a seasonal basis and invited to continue with the Strikers based on the evaluation. No players in the U-9 or U-10 age groups will be dropped unless there is a behavior or commitment problem.

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