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1.1 The Club shall be led by a Board of Directors consisting of one representative from each team in good standing with the club.

1.2 The Board of Directors shall reach decisions through concensus.

1.3 The Club shall elect officers to provide oversight of all club activities. Nominations will be held at the November Board of Directors meeting and elections shall be held at the December BOD meeting. The club officers and elections shall consist of the following:

1.5 Each committee chair shall be responsibe for the following:

  1. Oversight and/or execution of all By-Laws under their committee title.
  2. Recruitment and selection of committee members.
  3. Review and proposed revisions of all By-Laws under their committee title.
  4. Establishment and presentation of annual committee goals at the July Board of Directors meeting.

1.6 The Board of Directors will appoint an Executive Manager to assist in the oversight and execution of the Club's By-Laws.


2.1 All Striker teams, coaches, parents, and players will abide by the rules of our leagues, tournaments, and state associations.

2.2 Communications with the State Associations will be completely handled by the Club President and Club Registrar.

2.3 All coaches, assistant coaches, and trainers must submit an IOWA STATE YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION, EMPOYMENT/VOLUNTEER DISCLOSURE FORM before participating in any Striker activities. The Club Registrar will not release the team roster until a completed form has been submitted to ISYSA or unless certification is still in effect for each coach and manager.

2.4 The Club expects no red and/or yellow cards from coaches or players. All red and/or yellow cards will be reported to the Club President by the team coach.

2.5 The Club recommends a minimum of one tournament per month of the season. (i.e. four in the spring-summer (April-July), and three in the fall, (August-October). Each team will submit a seasonal game plan to the Committee before play begins. The fall and winter schedule will be submitted at the August Board of Directors meeting and the Spring schedule will be submitted at the February Board of Directors meeting.

2.6 Playing time is not a Club issue; it is a team/coach decision. (EXCEPTION) All players must play in out-of-town tournaments excluding state cup or regional play.

2.7 All rostered players MUST be offered the same indoor opportunities. Indoor play is optional and may not lead to dismissal from the team for those players not wishing to participate.


3.1 The Club shall provide training and developmental opportunities for players and coaches.

3.2 All Club coaches must have an appropriate coaching license or the team must employ a trainer with an appropriate license. The committee chair may waive this requirement if the coach can demonstrate his/her competency through other means. U-9 through U-10 teams will have a coach with at least a state G or E license. U-11 through U-14 teams will have a coach with at least a state D license. U-15 & above will have a coach with at least a national C license.

3.3 The Club will pay for coaches to obtain their G and E licenses. The Club will pay half of the costs for coaches to obtain their D license.

3.4 All Club coaches, assistant coaches, and trainers must be approved by the Committee Chair before working with any Striker teams and/or players.

3.5 All Club coaches will be evaluated on a yearly basis by the committe for continuation with the club or team. The committee shall consider coaching style, coaching development, player development, team development, and an annual survey of the parents and players. The committee chair shall present coaching recommendations at the July Board of Directors meeting.


4.1 All fundraising activities must be approved by the Committee Chair.

4.2 The Club will receive 10% of a team's net fundraising total.

4.3 Fundraising may entail selling of ads, selling of fund raising items, pledge/collection programs, team sponsorships, and other activities.

4.4 The official Club uniform is the red with white trim Xara Elland jersey and shorts with red or white Twin Cities socks. Teams may add white with red trim Xara Elland jerseys and shorts.

4.5 U-9 and U-10 teams will wear read Striker T-shirts instead of Xara Elland jerseys.

4.6 U-15 and older teams may purchase any Xara uniform they wish as long as it is red and white.

4.7 No additional equipment such as bags, warm-ups, etc. may be required by the team. Additional equipment is optional.

4.8 The Club will arrange team pictures for the third weekend of August.


5.1 Each team will invoice their members.

5.2 Each team will collect their funds and make a team payment to the club.

5.3 Individuals may not directly pay for team activities. All entries and payments will be made through the Club.

5.4 All team purchases must be made through the Club's purchase order system.

5.5 No player with outstanding unpaid club dues may participate in any game unless payment arrangements have been approved by the Committee Chair.

5.6 The Club Registrar shall not release any player's ID card until notified by the Committee that all of the player's club dues have been paid in full.

5.7 The Club will maintain an operating account and an investment account at an instition insured by the FDIC and approved by the Board of Directors.

5.8 All Club accounts will be established and maintained under the name, "Quad City Strikers Soccer Club". No Club accounts are to be established under any individual's name.

5.9 All Club checks must be signed by two of the following individuals: Executive Director, Club President, Treasurer.

5.10 Club expenses will only be paid after documentation supporting the expense has been presented.

5.11 A Committee member with no check writing authority will reconcile all financial statements on a monthly basis.

5.12 All cash and checks shall be deposited within one week of reciept.

5.13 Account Statement and Transaction Report will be provided to each team at the January and July Board of Directors meeting.

5.14 A Club Financial Statement will be provided to the Board of Directors at the January and July Board of Directors meeting.

5.15 An audit of all Club accounts will be performed by an independent accounting firm and the results reported at the July Board of Directors meeting on odd numbered years.

5.16 A review of the Club Insurance will be presented at the July Board of Directors meeting.


6.1 A Club Registrar will be appointed to handle player registration and rosters.

6.2 No player may be added to a team roster without approval from the Committee Chair.

6.3 Guest players must be reported to the Committee Chair.

6.4 Any player participating in any Striker activity MUST have a signed waiver.

6.5 No player may be dropped from a team roster without approval of the Committee Chair. USYSA regulations do not allow players to be cut once they are on the roster.

6.6 No U-9 or U-10 players may be dropped from a team except for disciplinary reasons and as approved by the Board of Directors.


7.1 A newsletter will be published 3 times a year on April 1, August 1, and December 1. All information for the newletter is due one month before the publishing date.

7.2 A web site will be maintained by the Club. Each team will have a home page with their roster listed. Any additional informtion to the teams home page must be provided by the individual team.

7.3 The Club By-Laws will be maintained and updated.

7.4 The Club Calendar will be maintained and presented at each Board of Directors meeting.


8.1 The Club will provide playing fields.

8.2 The fields will be maintained to safe and playable standards.

8.3 Practice fields and times will be assigned to each team.

8.4 Each team will perform a field project each season. The projects will be presented at the August and March Board of Directors meeting.

8.5 Each team will serve as field marshals one weekend per season. The schedule will be presented at the September and April Board of Directors meeting.


9.1 The Club will host a Christmas Indoor Tournament and a Memorial Day Tournament.

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